For this discussion, you will use a census website that posts information on variables observed in the city where you live.  Here is the website address. to an external site.

Links to an external site.After you open the website, you can enter the name of your state on the left at the bottom and the name of your city on the right of the landing page.  You will see links to 4 sets of information on your area:  social, education, housing, and demographic.  You will be assessing the change in one variable you select for two different years. For example, data from the entire United States could be used to compare the percentage of women who never married for the years 2010 and 2017.

Once you have selected your variable and obtained the information, answer the following questions:

·  Was there a difference in the values of your variable? 

· How would you write the null hypothesis if you wanted to test the differences statistically?

· Does the difference appear to be a significant one? How would you substantiate that?

· Is the difference important?

· What are the consequences of the change in your values for your community? For example, a significant increase in the number of women never married could affect the birth rate.  It could also mean more women are attending college and becoming self-sufficient. 

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

Estimated time to complete: 2 hours

This topic is valued at 40 points. 

Please review the post and response expectations

Please review the rubric to ensure that your response meets the criteria.

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