For this final paper assignment, you will discuss the relative strengths and weakness of two of the career theory models that we discussed this semester,
you will then also use them to analyze the career identity profile of an interviewee of your choosing.

First, select two of the theories that we discussed in class (Super’s Developmental Lifespan-Lifespace Model, Social Cognitive Career Theory, Gottfredson’s Circumscription and Compromise Theory, Holland’s Hexagonal Trait Model). Compare and contrast their relative strengths and weaknesses in explaining career choice and identity development. For this discussion
make sure to include the following:

· What factor most impacts a person’s career development according to each theory?

· How does parenting and early exposure impact later interest development?

· Does the theory account for cultural differences and how?

· What is the relative weakness in each theory? What does it not account for?

· In light of the theory’s perspective, how would counseling be most effective in supporting someone’s growth?

Second, you will find a volunteer for your interview. Ask them about their early childhood interests and career aspirations and take notes. Next, ask them to take the True Talent profile and questionnaire as you did (you can use the same free website links). After reading their profile, write about their reactions and reflections in relation to taking the questionnaire.

· Did they agree, disagree?

· Did they draw connections to their past experiences?

· Were they surprised by the career matches?

· What were their thoughts about what they learned from their profile?

Lastly, review their results (e.g., personality type, strengths and areas for growth, and some of the compatible careers.). Based on your analysis, which career theory seems to best explain your volunteer’s career journey so far?

This paper should be approx. 4-7 pages in length (Not including references or cover page), APA style, 12 point font. It will be
due on MAY 15th, 2024. LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Good luck.

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