Forward Mapping

Map forward from the T.V.P.A. to an actual reduction of trafficking in Thailand, relative to what would have prevailed in the absence of the U.S. Legislation (using something like the table below). Forward mapping concerns policy implementation, and is a tool used to work through specific chains of actions and behaviors that will trace the link from the U.S. T.V.P.A. policy to an actual reduction in trafficking in Thailand .

Question that must be answered


Write a narrative that describe all the behaviors that must be realized for the policy to produce desired outcomes. Be specific about who, what, when and why. 

Hint: The narrative is (reducing sex trafficking)

Is the scenario plausible?

For each actor mentioned:

1. Is the hypothesized behavior consistent with personal and organizational interests?

2. If not, what tactics could actors use to avoid complying?

3. What counter tactics could be used to force or induce compliance?

Thinking of the direct and indirect effects of the policy, what other actors would have an incentive to become involved?

For each of these actors.

1. How could the actors interfere with the hypothesized behaviors?

2. What tactics could be used to block or deflect interference?

Revise the narrative to make it more plausible?

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