General Instructions

Use the practice problem identified in the Week 1 discussion and include the sections below. It is recommended to choose a practice change that is client-focused, specific and measurable, and related to your future role in advanced nursing practice. Nurse practitioner students must choose a practice change that impacts client care directly and avoid topics related to changes in public policy or law, such as full-practice authority.    

Include the following sections:

  1. Application of Course Knowledge: Answer all questions/criteria with explanations and detail.
    • Summarize your practice problem in 2-3 sentences.  
    • Write your practice question in standard PICOT format: In ________(Population), what is the effect of ___________(Intervention) in comparison to ___________ (Comparison) on _____________ (Outcome) to be completed over __________ (Time). 
    • Identify components of your PICOT question where peer input would help refine the PICOT elements.   

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