Getting Started: Please introduce yourself briefly and discuss your prior knowledge of and interest in the course topic. Explain how this course will assist you as you move forward with your career plans. Briefly discuss your chosen direction for future career obtainment and goal achievement.

After introducing yourself, respond to the following discussion prompt:

After discovering that you are studying communications, a friend asks for your help. Your friend feels that he is often misled by content viewed on the internet and information received through unreliable news sources. In turn, he is often accused of being gullible and sharing misinformation.

You agree to help your friend to become more media literate. In addition, you want to assist him to become more culturally aware. Based on this module’s readings, how would you approach helping your friend become more media literate? What is one strategy you would suggest to him to improve his media literacy skills?

In response to your classmates, think about the individual strategy that your classmate has shared in the context of your own media literacy skill set. Explain why this strategy would or would not work for you.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric.

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