Group Assignment #1 (15%)

Project Definition

  • Each team needs to submit only one set of documents using Turn-it-in application in .pdf format.
  • Name the files in this format: Section # xx Group x. pdf
  • Each team may include a covering table in the submission that clarifies who worked on which part(s) of the assignment and their percentage of contributions. (Optional)
  • Please submit the part1 and part2 of the assignment in one document on the submission date

Part 1: Prepare and submit Project Scope Statement

  • Prepare and submit your Project Scope Statement covering all the 8 elements of the project scope checklist.
  • Move to Step 2 only after your Project Scope Statement is approved by me in the class.

Part 2: Other Project Plan Documents

Prepare and submit the following for your project:

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) / Process Breakdown Structure (PBS)
  • Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • The integration of the WBS and OBS
  • Responsibility Matrix 
  • Communication Plan

Project Selection Criteria:

  • The project scope must be big enough that it’s required to be done by at least four different departments (Expertise). These different departments could be Engineering (Software, Mechanical, Electrical, …), Marketing, HR, Procurement, etc. 
  • The project must be small enough to be plannable during the class duration. Don’t include more than six departments in your project WBS or OBS.

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