SOCY423 Week 2 Discussion: Reducing Prejudice


Must post first.


Imagine that you are tasked with creating an activity to help reduce racial/ethnic prejudice for one of the following groups:  an online undergraduate sociology class; an in-person elementary school class; or an office environment with 25 employees. Alternatively, identify a recent social situation in the news where prejudice-reduction training might be helpful. Based on what you learned this week, what activity would you create, and how would you carry it out? Please provide as many details as possible.

After presenting your activity, use ideas/information from 
at least two of this week’s Learning Resources to help answer the following two questions: Why did you design this task as you did?  And why would you expect that it would have a positive effect on reducing prejudice?

Provide your initial post by 11:59 pm on Sunday. Your initial post should be at least 200 words in length, excluding the discussion prompt and the references. Please use in-text APA citations within your post as well as full APA references at the end of your post.

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