Homework 10

Find a song, book, music video, game, athlete or poem from a native Spanish-speaker and write a paper about whatever you chose. Make sure to link the video, article poem, etc. This paper needs to be written in Spanish using verbs and vocabulary that you have learned so far this year.

I am aware of what you should know so do what you can with the knowledge you have. I will know if google translate was used extensively and you will not receive credit. The paper is to be at least 3/4 page long. Submit by Sunday at 11:59pm EST. 

Criteria for written assignments:

  • Title Page: You should include a title page that has the title of the assignment in bold font, your name, the course number and title (CSS106: Succeeding in College), your instructor’s name, and the assignment due date.  Each of these should be on its own line, and all of the text should be centered
  • Start your writing on the page after the title page, and at the left margin (do not center your entire paper)
  • Use Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman 12-point font.
  • Use double spacing.
  • Indent paragraphs.
  • Use correct spelling and grammar.

Write at least 0.75 pages for this assignment.  This assignment must be written in an essay format.  Complete sentences and paragraphs are required along with proper APA citation of your sources for this assignment.

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