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eview the following videos from the

University Library

· “Child Development Theorists: Freud to Erikson to Spock…and Beyond”

· “Early Childhood Education”

Consider the progression of the major human developmental theories and theorists.

Imagine you have been asked by the principal in your school to share the research you completed during the summer regarding major human developmental theories and theorists with your colleagues.

Write a maximum 700-word summary addressing the following questions:

· How were the early human development theories and theorists similar?

· What major trends do you see in the progression of human development?

· How did the field of education change as more research and theories were established in the field of human development?

· Why is it important for educators to become familiar with the relationship between human development theories, theorists, and the field of education?

Follow APA 7th edition format.

Support your findings using 2 references.

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