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Imagine you have been asked by your school principal to develop a video on your research on healthy brain development in school-aged children that can be used by your colleagues at your school.

Develop a 3-minute video that explains healthy brain development for your peers.

Include the following in your video:

· Explain healthy brain development associated with the following elements:

· Attention

· Memory

· Information processing

· Explain each of the above during each of the following stages of development:

· Infant/baby (0–2 years)

· Toddler/preschool (2–5 years)

· School-age (6–12 years)

· Adolescents/teenagers (13–18 years)

· Discuss at least one strategy or activity for each stage to teach and encourage healthy living and nutrition.

Support your findings with 3 references. Remember, you must discuss your reference within your video and conclude the video with all the references you used
(for example, you will want to state, “According to XXX” and/or “In summary, I used 3 references, one by Jackson, another by Smith, and lastly a reference by Allen”).

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