In conducting a job analysis, there are two areas: (1) job-based and (2) person-based structure. For this assignment, identify the needed knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs); the tasks, duties, and responsibilities (TDRs); and any other specifics for a registered nurse’s position.

We will be using research efforts to complete the assignment. Refer to the 

BLS website
 to identify and collect needed data/basic information about a registered nurse’s position. Utilize to the 
A-Z Index to access information on registered nurses.

Then, use the following website to create your own structure-based analysis:
. Follow the steps listed below for the website to access the needed information.

1. Search

2. Go to the 
Occupation Search section.

3. Enter the keyword (registered nurse) or the O*NET-SOC code.

4. Click the arrow.

5. Identify/record code for registered nurses.

6. Click Registered Nurses.

7. View the report.

8. Click the 
Custom tab in the middle of the page. (Note: You will customize/select your own job analysis specifics based on the job and person-based specifics.) The following information should be identified in the PowerPoint presentation:

· credentials,

· KSAs,

· tasks,

· work activities and detailed work activities,

· technology skills,

· tools used,

· wages, and

· an explanation of what a job analysis is and its purpose.

1. Check the appropriate boxes (see below for required information).

2. Click 

Once the data is collected, complete an eight- to ten-slide PowerPoint presentation about the job-based and person-based structure needed for the registered nurse’s position.

As you create the content slides for your presentation, be sure to use the speaker notes function to explain the content in detail for each of the slides. Imagine you are presenting to your company leaders.

Note: Keep the 6×6 PowerPoint rule in mind (i.e., slides should only include six to seven lines of content with no more than six to seven words per line). Any illustrations should relate to the content being discussed. Be creative!

Include a title slide and a references

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