Instructions are attached 

Directions: Last week you identified two study/work habits that you think are important for you to change. This week I want you to pick one of those that you will work on throughout the rest of the course. For this assignment:

· Identify the one habit you would like to improve

· Explain why this habit is more important to change than the other habit you identified

· Explain the current status of behavior and why it should be changed (i.e. what the behavior is and why it is not effective or needs improvement)

· Explain the final desired behavior and why it is more a more optimal study/work habit than your current behavior (i.e. what is your goal?). Be specific


· 2 pages

· APA citations and references required (Include running head and cover page)

· To determine whether or not the article is peer-reviewed, please see the relevant information under Guidelines & Expectations in the Course Introduction

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