Instructions are attached 

Initial Post

Your initial post should read 500 to 600 words and include at least one citation from the bibliography of one of the articles from this week’s readings, with the accompanying reference in APA format. To receive the maximum points, your post should include citations/references from all of this week’s readings and an additional article of your choosing.


In what ways are health equity disparities something we should all strive to deconstruct? (Set aside political differences and focus on what you learned from the readings.)


· Identify one major point from the readings that was a new learning point for you

· Retrieve one article/citation from the reading’s bibliography that was referenced to make this point

· Apply what you learned from reading this additional article

· Address how reading this additional article built upon the major point(s) from the readings

· Discuss contradictory information from the article to the readings’ main point(s)

· Your initial post should follow APA guidelines

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