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Should an incompetent inmate be forcibly medicated to restore competency for execution? Why or why not?

Response Parameters
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Posts need to be a minimum of two paragraphs of substance with appropriate citations to earn a grade of “C.” You can increase your grade with effort, even bring in outside sources (using citations), offer new insights, etc.

You must state and support your opinions using information from lectures and chapter readings. More points are awarded the more you incorporate from lectures and the textbook, and more points are awarded for originality. You are giving a personal opinion – there are no right or wrong answers.

Feedback from the previous work done:

I strongly encourage you to read up on your APA formatting:

Your references need to be in alphabetical order.The first word of the title and subtitle should be capitalized. The journal name should be in title case.

Also you need to include a DOI or URL.

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