Instructions: Due  Sun 05/19


You have just been hired by a company to investigate a possible fraud case which has been narrowed down to travel expenses. Select a court case (not more than 5 years old) dealing with travel expenses fraud using 
WestLaw. You will be analyzing the case using the template provided and sharing your ideas later in the course with the entire class as part of your final presentation.

Analysis Requirements:

Based on peer reviewed literature and the Fraud Examiners Manual use the template provided and include the following in your discussion based on the case you have found:

· Discuss and provide specific examples of the legal and ethical standards relating to this type of fraud

· Using the 
Fraud Theory Approach outlined in your Fraud Examiners Manual, analyze how you would have used this approach in this case and why

· Discuss and provide specific examples of how evidence was collected in this case and discuss if you think this was appropriate, why or why not. If you would have collected the evidence in a different manner or from a different source explain what you would have done and why as it specifically relates to this case.

· Identify and provide specific examples of the application of the laws that preserve the rights of individuals suspected of committing the fraud, the laws that govern civil and criminal prosecutions and admittance of evidence.

· Compare and contrast the laws, providing specific examples, that govern civil and criminal prosecutions of fraud suspects in these types of cases.

Writing/Presentation Requirements:

· The body 
Part 1 should be at least 4 pages (including cover page, abstract or references) but not more than 6 pages including any exhibits using the template provided

· This research paper require a minimum of 

 references: academic journals, professional journals, laws and regulations, and/or appropriate authoritative references identified by the instructor. One of your sources can be the case you identified and WestLaw

· Be sure to relate all of the topics above back to specific examples in the case you selected

· All research papers are submitted in APA format for sources and citations

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