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Case Information:

For this case study assignment you will be using the WestLaw database find court cases that involve an area of fraud that interests you (financial statement fraud, Medicare fraud, etc. The first case you find needs to be settled in a civil court and then find a case involving the same type of fraud previously selected that was settled in a criminal court. You will need a total of 2 court cases for this assignment. Do not use cases previously submitted and not more than 5 years old.

Analysis Requirements:

Based on your readings; current literature and the Fraud Examiners Manual analyze the court cases you found using the template provided and include the following in your discussion:

· Identify, discuss, and provide specific examples of the legal aspects of the fraud committed in each case

· Identify, discuss, and provide specific examples of any legal aspects that a fraud examiner must consider in each case with respect to the evidence.

· Provide specific examples of what these 2 cases have in common and what is unique to the way each case was settled depending on whether it was tried in civil or criminal court.

Writing Requirements:

· 3 pages total (not including title page, abstract or reference page) using the template provided and not more than 4 pages

· Proper APA format on citations and sources and reference list

· Minimum of 3 scholarly sources not including textbooks (the 2 cases from Westlaw are considered scholarly sources so be sure to include the web address of the case from WestLaw)

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