1. Interpretation of EVM Statistics
    1. Explain the use of EVM statistics for identifying potential project performance deficiencies. Tell me how you identify deficiencies
    2. Interpret the EVM statistics calculated for the project in the case study in terms of current or potential deficiencies. Do the statistics imply or identify any deficiencies? If so, what are they? Be sure to support your reasoning with research.
    3. Discuss the role of EVM principles in achieving integrated cost and schedule control. Be sure to substantiate your claims with research. Prove to me you understand what Integrated Cost and Schedule Control is.
    4. Interpret the EVM statistics calculated for the project in the case study. Do they lend themselves to the successful integration of cost and schedule control for this project? Be sure to cite research to justify your position. Dive into the case study statistics! Identify any deficiencies you see (at the very least in CPI and SPI)
    5. Make appropriate recommendations for improving integrated cost and schedule control for the project in the case study. Be sure to use research to justify your recommendations. Think about how you could try to fix any deficiencies you list above. Use project management knowledge and case study details to support your claims.

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