Module 2 Discussion: Self-Reporting Leadership Assessment


· Choose 1 of 3 Self-Reporting Leadership Assessments (e.g., Ethical Leadership, Authentic Leadership, General Leadership) that are provided in the Module 2: Self-Reporting Instrument Folder.

· Complete the Assessment.

· Use the results or insights obtained from your assessment activity to respond to the Module 2 Discussion questions (see below).

· Respond to classmates posts, per the discussion post timeline.

· In your responses to classmates’ posts,
 indicate whether or not you have experienced similar circumstances described in 
their post and how it was addressed

· Use APA style headers to organize your discussion into three sections as described below.




Self-Reporting Instrument (e.g., identify the one you selected) and Personal Attributes 
(e.g., Authentic Leadership Instrument and Personal Attributes


Influential PCL Characteristics

Module 2 Discussion Prompt and Questions

Situation: Describe a situation or circumstance in which you drew upon a strength and/or personal attribute that you identified in your Self-Reporting Assessment to influence others to achieve a desired outcome; and indicate the desired outcome you aimed to achieve.

Name of Self-Reporting Instrument and Personal Attributes: When considering the strengths you drew upon to influence others to achieve this desired outcome, which leadership style(s) were appropriately suited for the conditions you described.

Influential PCL Characteristics: Identify which of the eight PCL characteristics (Covey, 1991) played a role in manifesting influence towards achieving the desired outcome described.

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