To create a fine motor lesson plan for preschoolers.

You are a teacher at a preschool. Your  class will soon be starting a topic called “Airplanes, Trains, and  Tracks.” The children in your care come from diverse cultural  backgrounds, and several of them speak languages other than English at  home.

Create a fine motor lesson plan  for this age group that focuses on the topic of “Airplanes, Trains, and  Tracks.” Be sure to provide a description of the lesson you plan to  carry out, the child outcomes, the space and materials needed, the  procedures you will follow, and any follow-up activities that will help  reinforce the main activity. In addition, be sure to include elements  that will create a multicultural and anti-biased atmosphere in the  classroom.


  1.  For each element of your activity plan, explain how this element will help students develop fine motor skills

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