Assignment 1: Sampling, Article Review, and Scales of Measurement

Answer the following statements: (5 points)

1. Define a

2. Define a

3. Provide an example of a research scenario and then discuss the Population and the Sample in the context of the scenario (2-3 sentences).

4. Define
Bias in the context of research.

5. Indentify and define the four levels of measurement.

Retrieve and read the guide entitled Overview Sampling Procedures published by the division of System Managements for Human Services from Fairfax Co., VA, available in this website


Use the information provided in the publication to complete the following table: (5 points)

Sampling Procedures

Sampling Type

Probability Sampling or Nonprobability Sampling


Characteristics of the methodology

Limitations of the methodology

Create a short scenario were you would employ the sampling procedure

Convenience Sampling

Quota Sampling

Judgmental Sampling

Simple Random Sampling

Stratified Random Sampling

Cluster Sampling

Systematic Sampling

Next, choose 1 (one) recent article from a peer-reviewed journal and answer the following questions: (5 points)

Sampling Procedures

· Describe the characteristics of the population studied.

· Identify sampling procedures (e.g., simple random sampling), and explain why it was selected. Indicate the size of the sample.

· Was a probability sampling method used? Was it representative of the population?

· What was the response/participation rate? How did those who responded or participated differ from those who did not? How was this addressed?

Data Analysis

· What statistical analysis was conducted?

· What were the units of analysis (e.g., individual, group, or program)?

· What was the level of measurement for the data?

· Was the information presented in the figures and tables clear and was it discussed in the text?


· What were the study findings? Were they discussed and described clearly and accurately? Were explanations proposed for any anticipated and unanticipated findings? Were the results substantively important? Were conclusions well grounded in the findings?

· Was the study conducted in an objective fashion? Is there any evidence of bias?

Your paper should include your name and course title and should adhere to APA style. It should also be written in 12-font and double-spaced (about 2 pages).
Include the full reference of the article at the end of your document.

Total Points Earned:
/15 Points Possible

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