Please don’t copy past anything from the internet or don’t use AI , and citation should be right   or any website like course hero or Wikipedia that a red flag all work must be original!!! Write your own thoughts not the internet or someone else thoughts!!

  Required Text:

Finance: Applications and Theory, 6th Edition

ISBN10: 1264101589 | ISBN13: 9781264101580

By Marcia Cornett, Troy Adair, John Nofsinger 

 Class name:  Course Title: Corporate Finance FIN 5063

Week 4  assignment :

Define the different possibilities for financing for a profit company and a non-profit company? How does that affect their investing and future? Show how each of these types of companies would use Time Value of Money. Demonstrate by using the equation from a company of your choosing balance sheet or financial data from each of these profit types. please add references and citations APA 7 style 

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