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HIST 1302



(Essay Questions are worth 25 Points each)

The exams are divided into 3 UNITS. Each exam will cover a unit. For example, UNIT 1 covers Chapters 1-5. Each exam will have critical thinking essay questions. Each question requires a minimum 100-word response. Answer all questions. For example, if QUESTION 1 has three questions. That’s a total of 300 words. I’ve attached a word document where the questions for the Exam are posted. Submit your file when completed. Your answers will be checked for plagiarism.

Explain the difference between Presidential Reconstruction and Congressional Reconstruction. What were some of the accomplishments and failures of Reconstruction? Why does it end?

Explain the Gilded Age. What were some of the concerns of many Americans during this era? Explain the Progressive Era. What were some of the accomplishments and shortcomings of Progressives?

Explain the Supreme Court decision of Plessy v. Ferguson. How did the ruling affect African Americans, Latinos and other minority groups? What did it reinforce and how? How do minorities fight against the SCOTUS decision in Plessy v. Ferguson?

Why did the United States get involved in World War I? How did WWI affect race relations in the United States? Explain the effects of World War I on American Politics and Society (workers, women, African Americans, minorities, etc.).

Extra Credit: 2 Points Each

Fourteenth Amendment-

Dawes Act

American Civil Liberties Union-

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