Upon completion of your Practicum course, you will submit a Portfolio as a final course project. 

The Touro Culminating Achievements Portfolio (TCAP) is  an outcomes-based assessment 

designed for Touro University teacher candidates to demonstrate their effectiveness as 

professional educators. The Candidate Learning Outcomes (CLO) rubric guides the TCAP, 

and as such, candidates are required to provide artifacts/evidence to convey their mastery of 

each domain and its standards in a compelling manner. The CLO outlines the overarching goals 

that define what program graduates are to know, be able to do, and believe. 

Throughout the TCAP, you will use the CLO and the corresponding indicators as a means to offer 

evidence of and reflect on your development as a professional educator. This document explains 

how to accomplish these goals, including descriptions of the six required components and templates to use in your TCAP.

Submission guidelines:

1. Your Portfolio must be submitted electronically as one document or several files. Include all the documents in one submission.

2. Proofread your portfolio for grammar and mechanics and make it error-free. Follow APA guidelines.

3. Portfolio is the culmination of your hard work during the program of study and should look professional.

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