PSYC 515

Research Project: Research Design Assignment Instructions


This is the first assignment in your Research Project. Be sure you have reviewed this module’s assigned readings and presentations before completing this assignment. The purpose is to scaffold the process of designing and conducting a research study.


Of most relevance is the
Research Project Survey Guidelines
document in this week’s Learn section. In this first phase, you will submit a research proposal and survey using this form. Your instructor will review this form and provide feedback to let you know if you are approved to collect data using the survey submitted as part of this assignment (you should create your survey at the end of this document). Note this study is for educational purposes only – you will not present or publish the data, and can only collect data from friends and family. You will need to collect data from at least 20 people after your survey has been approved.

Download the
Research Project: Research Design Template as a word document. Do not delete or modify the template, except to insert your answers where indicated. Use graduate-level writing skills and format using current APA conventions where indicated. Upload the completed file as a word document or PDF by its due date.

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