Review the assigned topics listed by the first letter of your first name. For example, if your first name is G, your assigned topic is norepinephrine.

The First Letter of Your First Name


A – D


E – H


I – L


M – P


Q – T

gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)

U – Z


Application of Course Knowledge: Answer all questions/criteria with explanations and detail.

a. Provide a 3-5 sentence paraphrased summary of the assigned neurotransmitter purpose and function.

b. Link the assigned neurotransmitter to a psychiatric diagnosis or diagnoses.

c. Discuss associated symptoms of the selected diagnosis or diagnoses. Determine if each symptom is related to an excess or deficiency in the neurotransmitter.

d. Identify a drug class that treats the disorder. Discuss whether recommended medications are agonists or antagonists. Explain how the medication impacts the clinical signs and symptoms (treats the diagnosis).

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