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Module 3: Discussion

In a substantial post based on the live April 2 lecture, the readings assigned in Module 3 (Chapters 22 and 23), and your own reflections, address these questions (by Thursday). 
Make it clear that you have read the chapters, listened to the lecture, and absorbed the information.

Use proper punctuation, cite ALL your sources, and put direct quotes in quotation marks.

1. How do you feel about Congress passing the Sedition Act in 1918? Do you think it makes sense, for national security reasons, to stifle dissent during a war? Why or why not?

2. How do you feel about Prohibition as a social experiment?  Was it worth passing the 18th Amendment, to see if the U.S. could thrive without alcohol? 

3. Also, share something you learned from Dr. O’Sullivan’s live/Teams lecture on April 2. 

 Provide–and CITE–details from Chapters 22 & 23 and from the Module 3 lecture (April 2), and explain your own thoughts. 


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