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Once the health condition is chosen (HEART FAILURE), you are to write a three-to-five-page paper in APA format 7th edition, title page and reference page do not count toward page total and with the following sections and
level 2 headings: 

References At least 3 scholarly references no later than 5 years old. 0 Plagiarism. 


-Brief overview of adult health

-Introduce the disease condition chosen

-Importance of understanding the condition

Presentation of Condition

-Describe the condition chosen and its pathophysiology. 

-What signs/symptoms are identified in the patient that can be found? 

-Identify if there can be presentation variations based on culture, race, ethnicity, age, etc.

Diagnosis of Condition

-Diagnostic testing (include imaging, labs, and other necessary evaluations based on condition)

-Clinical evaluation via medical history and physical examination

Treatment of Condition



-Managing symptoms (if needed)

-Non-pharmacological treatments (if applicable)

Potential Health Risks if Left Untreated

-Physical and mental health risks

Recent Evidence-Based Advancements in Condition

-Choose one evidence-based treatment that has shown to improve condition within the last 5 years.

-Briefly summarize the treatment and results.


-Recap points discussed in paper

-Importance of management and early diagnosis (if applicable)

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