1. Select one piece of Etruscan art and describe which formal elements or processes appear to have been inspired by ancient Greek art. Be as specific as you can.
  • Include a photograph of your Etruscan selection so your classmates can see exactly which piece of architecture you are writing about.
  • Explain how your Etruscan selection breaks from the ancient Greek style. Once again, be specific.

Then, consider the lasting influence of ancient Greece as it exists in your community.

2. Take a picture of a building in your area that appears to be inspired by ancient Greek classical architecture. ( Woodbridge Hall)   

  • Describe what elements derive from ancient Greece, and note which one of the classical orders it most closely relates to.
    • If you’re having trouble locating a Greek-inspired building in your community, try looking at official buildings like schools, government buildings, banks, and libraries. If you absolutely can’t take a picture of a building yourself, then find an image online from your home state to post. Consider looking at your state capital.

Please use this link for the Building i Picked.

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