Several suggestions for developing partnerships with parents are listed in your text.  Review those suggestions and prepare a slide show presentation (Developing Parent-Teacher Partnerships) that could be used to train pre-service teachers about the significance of parent-teacher partnerships and how to form such partnerships.  You should use PowerPoint, Google Slides, or any similar productivity program with which you are familiar.

Grading Rubric

Based on a 100% measurement system

  1. 50% – Presentation of concepts, definitions and theory from the textbook/resourcesInformation in this section must be typed on slides and research based (no opinions please).

2. 30% – Presentation Creativity of presentation to include color, graphics and/or pictures. The presentation should be approximately 5-8 slides in length.  No voice recording required.

3. 20% – MechanicsAdherence to formatting and correct grammar, including APA citations and reference page.  All information that is included in the presentation must be referenced on each slide (this includes pictures from the internet).

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