SLP/BUS530 Managerial Economics 

Consumer Behavior, Production and Cost

SLP Assignment Expectations

Economic Impacts for Producers

This week’s case focused on the consumer side of economics. Producers must manage more constraints in their decision-making.

Session Long Project 2 ResourcesProducer Price Index (PPI) (2022)Purchasing Power (2022)The Market System as an Efficient Mechanism for Information (2022) Business Spending: Recession Fears, Supply Chain Turmoil Roil Materials Costs in 2022 (2022) The Budget and Economic Outlook: 2022 to 2032 (2022) 

SLP Assignment

Economic Constraints and the Producer

The Course Data File contains the Product for this assignment.

Research the product from an economic standpoint (include supply and demand, cost). Describe what has been happening in the product market over the last year. This section must be 1/2 page in length.

Next, discuss trends in the overall Producer Price Index (PPI). Using the two most recent monthly Producer Price Index Detailed Report, create a graph or chart (not a table) using Excel that shows changes in the product’s INDEX over time (at least 4 months of data). Discuss the percentage change over time. Provide a brief description of each visual. How to Label Figures in APA Format (Research Required)

This section must be 1/2 page in length (not including Excel visual).

As a conclusion, analyze how producers reacted to price, demand, or supply changes. Explain it using economic terminology. (Research Required). This section will be 1/2 page in length.

**Please see attached files for assignment details**

**Please follow all instructions. Excel is also requirement**

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