For this assignment, you will need to create a 7 slide (minimum) – 12 slide (not including title
and reference slide) narrated PowerPoint presentation (PPT). The PPT is based upon the Social
Environment Assessment Paper and should highlight the most important findings. Each slide
should be inviting and include a small photo or graphic. Images can be located with a Google or search. Any and all images from the internet should be properly referenced with a
URL at the bottom of the image and also on the References slide. Images should appropriately
align with content on the slides.
PPT presentations can be creative, but still need to contain the required information. Please do
not copy and paste paragraphs from your paper onto the PPT. PPTs generally use bulleted
points containing important information. There should not be long sentences.
Social Environmental Assessment PowerPoint Presentation, Include the Following:
Title Slide- identify the city, state, community
Content Slide 1- Provide a general community overview (city, state, population, urban or
rural, important highlights, income, demographics, etc.)
Content slide 2- Identify what is unique or especially interesting about your city/town
Content Slides 3-4 (approximately) – Social assessment overview
Discuss important findings of the two areas you selected
What are the identified needs related to the issues?
Use 1 slide per identified issue
Content slide 5-6 What are the current resources to address the issue? What more is
Identify specific resources that are currently available for the needs
Use 1 slide per identified need and its current community resources
Content Slide 7 (approximately)- where are social workers employed? List specific
places that social workers are employed
References slide, a minimum of 3 citations and references are needed
A few additional slides may be used if necessary. Total slide count should not exceed 12
All data should be cited

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