SOWK 500

Graduate Paragraph Assignment Instructions


This assignment provides you with the opportunity to practice graduate writing skills. You will use APA format and a professional voice. You will provide a summary, personal perspective, and biblical analysis of an article.


After watching 1)
Anatomy of a Research Journal Article PPT, 2)
Anatomy of a Journal Article Video (Link in Announcement), and 3)
Best Practices in Graduate Writing (Module 3), take the 4)
Graduate Writing Quiz. These will help prepare you for this writing assignment. Next, 5) read Trammel et al. (2020) and 6) write a graduate-level paper about the article in 3 paragraphs. The assignment will have an APA-style cover page and an APA-style reference page. This paper will contain the following.

· Some details of the study

· What was the purpose of the study?

· Who were the participants?

· What did the participants do and for how long?

· What were the results?

· A biblical analysis of the topic. Compare the findings of the study to biblical principles

· Your personal views on the findings of the study including implications for you as a social work practitioner (use first person and personal examples)

· At least one sentence from Trammel et al. (2020) that contains a short quotation with an APA citation, which enhances the quality of the paragraph

· At least one in-text citation for a sentence that contains a paraphrase reflecting the intent of Trammel et al. (2020)

· At least one in-text citation for the biblical principle or verse(s) used to analyze the topic

Please use the
Graduate Paragraph Template to complete this assignment.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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