The synthesis paper should be a 7 to 15  page paper (typed and double spaced with 1″ margins) that offers a sociological analysis of the roots and consequences of social inequality. You are expected to edit this paper for clarity, grammatical correctness, and strength of analysis and include a bibliography or reference page. Your paper should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the theoretical position you are focusing on as well as any potential limitations. 

Theoretical Synthesis Paper Guidelines:

a)  Please lay out at least one of the theoretical positions  – Marx, Weber, or Collin’s Intersectionality perspective, and discuss how this perspective helps explain, make sense of or predict the other material we covered this semester.  

b). Please refer to at least 3 class discussions, in class exercises, and/or films and directly make the connection between these and the theoretical perspective you have chosen to address.

c)Please make sure to be specific and also directly make the connection between the your examples from at least ten of the following assigned essays:  (Abrugo, Nguyen, Southern Poverty Law Center, Schneider et al., Carrasquillo and Torres, Scott, Shehan, Evans, Ackerman and Heinzerling, Wingfield, Bertrand and Mullainathan, Masters et al, Drucker, Rivlin, Serres and Howatt and the theoretical perspective you have chosen to address.

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