This week is dedicated to time series forecasting techniques. Start in the Lessons section of the classroom by completing the reading and viewing assignments. Don’t even think about trying to complete this homework assignment without understanding the concepts involved in Forecasting Time-Series data. Once you have the ideas in Chapter 5 and have finished the Discussion forum, you are ready to start this assignment. Download the Excel Template attached to this assignment onto your computer, open it up, and read through the “Red Snapper Scenario” at the top of the page. All of this week’s assignments focus on historical Red Snapper Catches for 2015 through 2018 (by Quarter) off the coast of Louisiana. The last four rows of the table are empty, as 2019 is what you will forecast using the historical data for 2015 through 2018. As you scroll down through the spreadsheet, you will notice in the far left column that there are five tasks for you to complete this week. Every one of these tasks is mirrored in the three YouTube videos below. Although this project is about Red Snapper Catches (your faithful designer’s favorite fish to catch and eat out of the southern bays of Louisiana) and the videos forecast Car sales, the process for predicting the future year (in our case, 2019) is identical.

You will want to watch these videos as you complete the five tasks. Where you want to transition from video 1 to video 2 and from video 2 to video 3 is very easy to see. One easy way to get started is to open a video on one side of your screen and the Excel template on the other. 




  • It would help if you used formulas to calculate every answer. No credit will be given if a number is inserted.

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