Throughout this course, you will develop a project plan for a custom homebuilding course project. Each unit builds on the previous unit, thereby resulting in a project plan for a home. You will determine the style of home and use this to develop the project scope and requirements. The plan begins with the project charter and the collection of initial requirements. For those unfamiliar with the homebuilding process, research the homebuilding process on external websites for further information.

Section I: Project Charter and Requirements Collection Document

Part A: The Project Charter

Once you have familiarized yourself with the homebuilding process, the next step is to charter the project. Populating the project charter requires at least a general idea of the home that you intend to build (e.g., brick, stucco, tiny home). You may use a template to create the charter. Some templates are provided below, but many others may be found on the internet through a search.

See the charter template examples below.

Part B: Requirements Collection Spreadsheet

For this step, you may interview a friend, family member, colleague, or use your own requirements for a homebuilding project. As in the case of the charter, you may use project requirements templates by searching on the internet. Include at least 25 requirements for your home.

Section II: Plan Scope Management: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Quality Objectives

Part A: Plan the Scope Management

Document in one to two pages your strategy for defining, verifying, and controlling project scope for your homebuilding project. Feel free to draw upon templates for this purpose by searching external websites you may find. In your plan scope management document, include the quality objectives for your project along with your strategy for managing it.

Part B: Simple Scope Statement

Draft one to two paragraphs distilling the essence of the project. Upon reading the scope statement, the reader should be able to clearly understand what is both in and out of project scope.

Part C: WBS

Take the scope statement and requirements and complete a WBS for your project. You may create the WBS in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. Both graphical as well as indented outlines are acceptable.

Section III: Plan Schedule Management, Define Activities, Assess Activity Durations, and Sequence Activities

Plan schedule management: Document in one to two pages your strategy for developing and controlling the project schedule for your homebuilding project. Feel free to draw upon templates for this purpose by searching external websites you may find. After completing the project schedule management document, perform the following additional requirements.

Part A: Define Activities

Identify at least 25 activities associated with your homebuilding project.

Part B: Assess Activity Durations

Use the weighted average of three-point estimates based upon the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) formula to assign durations for each activity.

Part C: Sequence Activities

Identify predecessors for each of your activities. Then, employ the network diagram and calculate the schedule duration using the forward and backward pass methods.

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