Unit 2- Trauma power point Presentation. 15 slides. 5-17-24.


Use the topic below and prepare a presentation related to trauma and clinical practice.  The presentation should be 15 slides in length.  You are not required to complete a voice over for this presentation. 

1. What is the relationship between trauma and homelessness (and other social determinants of health)? 

In your presentation cover the following information as it relates to trauma and homelessness: 

1. Title Slide 

2. What is the definition of trauma? 

3. Who is vulnerable to trauma? 

4. Provides statistical data on trauma, homelessness in the United States.

5. How are homeless individuals impacted by trauma?

6. How can trauma be experienced on the intergenerational level and over the individual and family lifespan? 

7. Pathophysiology of Trauma. 

8. How do social determinants of health correlate to the effects of trauma? 

9. What are physical and mental signs and symptoms of Trauma among homeless population?

10. What is the difference between trauma therapy and trauma-informed care? 

What is a trigger and how would you recognize that someone is experiencing trauma-related distress? Correlate this question to the homeless population

12. How might a person with a history of trauma have behavior that could be interpreted as “noncompliance” or non-adherence? Correlate this question to the homeless population

13. Special trauma topic: trauma and homelessness

14. Conclusion 

15. References 

Your response should include evidence-based research to support your content using proper citations and APA format. 

Complete this assignment and submit it to this assignment dropbox by Sunday at 11:59 pm CT.

Estimated time to complete: 5 hours

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