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In this Topic, you learned about personal management style through self-awareness. Following the steps below, take the self-assessment and then submit a paper that includes all the information in Steps 1-2.  

Conflict Management Styles: What They Are and Why They Matter (g2.com)

Thomas Kilmann (youtube.com)

Identifying Different Conflict Management Styles (indeed.com)

Step 1: Take the Assessment

Thomas-Kilmann Assessment




Step 2: Reflect and Analyze: Describe the results of your Thomas-Kilmann assessment. What did you learn from your results of the assessment? What are your tendencies and patterns/habits of dealing with conflict? Evaluate your tendencies. When and how are they helpful or harmful to resolving conflict? Discuss how you think the assessment results may help you approach future conflicts. How? Why?

Step 3: Application and Recommendation: Identify three current areas of conflict in your personal and/or professional experiences. Applying your learning from this self-assessment and the concepts of the Thomas-Kilmann concepts of conflict management, identify where on the graph you are currently and ineffectively using, and which of the other styles you should employ?

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